iTrade Digital

Document Management Assistance

Automated Case Platform

We can provide assistance in preparing your trade documents.
iTrade Digital replaces paper trade documents with 30 digital documents that are automatically completed and shared by the Buyer and Seller during video conference calls.  Digital documents are in compliance with International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDTT).

(10) Ten Cases Monthly Subscription - USD/EUR $100

Trade Management Specialists are available upon request to assist with document management.

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Trade Management Specialist assistance:

 Total Transaction value $100,000 or less = USD $ 280

Total Transaction value $500,000 or less = USD $ 2000

Total Transaction value $1,000,000 or less = USD $ 4000 

Training: USD $ 2,000 per 10 people


Subscription services include a.) setting up the Transaction Case Platform with the Buyer’s and Seller’s company profiles and b.) initializing the 30 GBM trade documents.

Subscription assumes the  buyer and/or seller agrees to follow ICC rules and guidelines for transactions.