iTrade Digital DIY

Digital Trade Transaction workspace for (no cost) access to Global Business Method digital trade documents in compliance with the International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions.

How to Use No Cost Digital Documents

Install the URL on the bookmarks menu of a Google Chrome browser

1. Download the digital document templates needed for your transaction.

2. Advise your counterpart that you wish to use digital documents, not paper.

3. Arrange a conference call between buyer and seller (Use Zoom, Team or other conference call platform for document sharing).

4. During conference calls, share screen with the selected template and jointly prepare documents online.

5. Repeat for each needed document.

No cost digital documents are sponsored by the San Diego & Imperial District Export Council (SDIDEC).



Document autofill is available to automatically enter redundant information on multiple documents (e.g. parties, addresses, material terms, etc.).  Users who wish to utilize the autofill feature must first register for a month-to-month subscription.  Subscriptions are US$ 100 per month for up to 10 transactions.

(Click here to Register for Autofill Subscription)