Trade Management Specialist

Trade Management Specialist (TMS) assistance may be requested when submitting a Request for Case Initialization (RCI) to Member Services.  After the Case is assigned a number and set up on the platform, the assigned Trade Management Specialist will schedule a video conference call with the Principals (Buyer and Seller) to begin the transaction.

TMS Disclaimer:  Transaction Management Specialist are not authorized to select transaction Incoterms, Harmonized Tariff Schedule numbers, payment terms, select a logistics company, or perform due diligence.  These transaction elements are the responsibility of the Buyer and/or the Seller.

CASE PLATFORM Automated (CPA) - The Case Platform Automated. The Case platform replaces paper trade documents with 30+ digital documents that are automatically completed and shared by the Buyer and Seller during video conference calls. 

iTrade Digital Case Platform - Buyer and Seller Company Profile Form Member Nos. are entered and all 30 documents are automatically completed and available for use on video conferencing between the Principals.