(1) iTrade Digital introduction Video 

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iTrade Digital's mission is to provide the world with the definitive digital trade gateway to make the world a better place.

DIGITAL TRADE TRANSACTION INTERNET PLATFORM:  USPTO Patent Pending,  Appl No. 18/431,197.  Dated 5 Sep 2023.

iTRADE DIGITAL(tm):  Trademark  Registration Awarded No. 98167756,  6 Sep 2023.

GLOBAL BUSINESS METHOD(c):  Copyright Awarded No. TX 9-313-280,  22 Sep 2023.

iTD DIGITAL DOCUMENT TRAINING(c):  US Copyright Awarded No. TX 9-326-955, 3 Nov  2023

ITRADE DIGITAL.COM:  US Copyright Application No. 1-2991963041.

ITRADE DIGITAL.XXX:  Various domain names.